How to Use CBD Crystalline


To get the best flavor expression, Johnny Apple CBD crystalline can be vaporized by mixing with dry herb or by itself using a vaporizer made for concentrates (or with a concentrate attachment).We recommend vaping temperatures between 325°- 385°.

Pros: Effects are immediate. Best method for fully experiencing the flavors and aromas of each terpene blend.

Cons: Requires additional equipment. A mild learning curve with vaporizer hardware.


Our CBD crystalline mixes well with any dried flower or herb blends already intended for smoking. Typical methods include glass pipes, rolling papers, or water bongs.

Pros: Effects are immediate. Easiest method with least learning curve.

Cons: Inhaling smoke is not the healthiest method. Combustion temperatures can burn off terpenes and minimizes their presence. 


CBD crystalline can be taken sublingually by placing a small amount (typically 10-20mg) under the tongue. However, for better absorption and a more pleasant experience, we recommend dissolving the CBD in a carrier oil such as olive or MCT oil before taken sublingually (see our MCT oil ‘tincture’).

Pros: No materials needed (though we do recommend a carrier oil).

Cons: CBD crystalline is rough and not pleasant to have under the tongue. Effects are not immediate and results vary from person to person depending on physiology.