CBD as an aid for Glaucoma

by Johnny AppleCBD September 30, 2016

 So why is CBD so effective in treating Glaucoma?                                                

One very common symptom associated with glaucoma is intraocular pressure, effecting over 90% of those who suffer from the most common form of glaucoma. Intraocular pressure is determined by the production of plasma in the eye and the rate at which it drains through the trabecular meshwork (the soft tissue at the base of the cornea). Consistent intraocular pressure has been known to cause damage in both the optic nerve as well as the retinal ganglion cell—a problem known to cause blindness in severe cases. The most common cause of intraocular pressure is contracting soft muscle tissue within the iris. In some instances, this contraction of tissue expands so widely that it presses against the cornea, leading to a great deal of discomfort and impaired vision.


CBD has been proven to be an efficient natural anti-inflammatory whose properties have been proven to reduce this swelling. With CBD, patients can experience the medical benefits of this medicinal cannabinoid without the negative stigma and possible legal ramifications are associated with smoking marijuana.


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Johnny AppleCBD
Johnny AppleCBD